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Fernando was born on in 1957 in the South Bronx to Cuban immigrant parents.  At an early age he moved with his mother to Washington Heights, NYC.  In 1972, Fernando entered Xavier High School, a Jesuit college prep school, in NYC where he earned a High School degree in 1976. Fernando then enrolled in the College of the Holy Cross, another Jesuit institution, in Worcester, Massachusetts where he earned a B.A. in History and English Literature in 1980.  He entered the Dickinson School of Law at Penn State where he graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in 1983.

Fernando began his career in international business, finance, and law by working in the banking industry in Oslo, Norway.  He returned to the US where he engaged in banking and advisement to Latin American corporations and wealthy individuals. He developed his law practice over time servicing the Latino community in immigration, business, civil litigation and criminal law matters.

In 2003, Fernando began his association with Fairleigh Dickinson University as initial adjunct hired to teach in the newly formed Puerta al Futuro. In 2006 he became the Director of the program where he continues today helping bring the program to adult Latino immigrants throughout the tri-state area. He also created Latino Promise in 2007 and HACER in 2015 to provide academic programs for traditional aged students who would most likely not enter institutions of higher learning because of numerous obstacles faced by their community.

Fernando entered politics in 1993 winning the Republican nomination for State Senate in the 33rd District in Hudson County.  In 1994, He won the Republican nomination for Congress in the 13th District.  Governor Christie Whitman appointed Fernando to the Banking and Insurance Transition Team.   In 2011, Fernando won the Republican nomination for the State Assembly in the highly contested 38th District in Bergen County.  And in 2013, Fernando won a hotly contested Republican nomination for the State Senate in the 38th District.

He is the current Chairman of the Bergen County Hispanic Republican Association.  He has appeared on numerous TV news shows, Spanish and English, to speak about issues affecting the Hispanic community and Republican political matters.  He was on of the CO-Chairmen of the Marco Rubio Presidential Campaign in New Jersey.

The Congress of the Republic of Colombia honored Fernando with a congressional resolution for his work in education in 2011.  He was recognized as one of the most influential Latinos in New Jersey by the Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey (LLANJ) in 2015 and PolitickerNJ in 2015.   The Institute For Latino Studies also recognized Fernando Alonso with the Illustrious Award for his work in Law and Education in 2016.

Fernando is a member of the New York state bar since 1986, New Jersey state bar since 2005 and the Supreme Court of the United States since 2013.


Institute of Latino Studies


FERNANDO A. ALONSO, ESQ- BIO for Institute of Latino Studies

Fernando A. Alonso was born November 23, 1957 in the Bronx, New York to Haydee Navarro and Fernando E. Alonso who were Cuban immigrant laborers.  His parents divorced while he was 7 years old and his mother raised him after moving to Washington Heights in upper Manhattan.  Fernando attended Sacred Heart School in Kearney, NJ; a former orphanage turned Catholic boarding primary school, when his mother joined other poor working Hispanic parents trying to protect their children from gang violence and drugs by car-pooling them out of the neighborhood.

Fernando later entered Xavier High School, a Jesuit institution, in 1972. Upon graduating from Xavier High School in 1976, Fernando was accepted to The College of the Holy Cross, another Jesuit institution, in 1976 at Worcester, Massachusetts. Fernando graduated from Holy Cross with a B.A. in History and English Literature.  He went on to enroll in law school at The Dickinson School of Law (now part of Penn State) at Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 1980 and graduated with a Juris Doctorate degree in 1983.

Fernando became interested in international law and business while in law school and immediately traveled to Oslo, Norway where he worked in banking, foreign currency exchange deals, and reviewing international legal agreements. He returned to the United States and began working in banking and investment institutions while developing a small private practice dealing with issues affecting the Hispanic community.  He developed his legal and financial analytical skills while working at Moody’s Investors Service rating structured debt obligations in the corporate, municipal, and federal mortgage debt markets.    Fernando also traveled throughout Latin America advising corporate and high net-worth individuals for major Wall Street investment houses.  He is a licensed attorney admitted to the bar in New York (1986), New Jersey (2005) and the U.S. Supreme Court (2013).

Fernando moved to New Jersey in 1986 and married Donna Marie Risse in 1987 settling in Union City.  He became more involved in Hispanic community and political affairs becoming the Republican nominee for State Senate (33rd District) in 1993 and Congress (13th District) in 1994.  He was able to help other Hispanics in immigration and criminal law throughout the 1990s.

In 2003, Fernando began a new journey in education by joining the faculty at Fairleigh Dickinson University.  In 2006, he became the Director of Puerta al Futuro at FDU. For the last 10 years Fernando has dedicated his time toward building this program helping Hispanic immigrants learn English while at the same time achieving a degree in higher education.  He helped increase the program from 23 students in 2003 to over 650 students today.  In 2007, Fernando was asked by FDU’s administration to develop a new program reaching out to traditional age Latino students as part of FDU’s Latino Pipeline education program. He created the Latino Promise Program with 12 students in 2007 and today there are more than 150 students enrolled in an intense Associate degree program aimed at helping underachieving Latino high school students gain access to higher education and achieve excellence at the college level.  He created a Leadership program to help young Latino’s learn to lead others. His programs have achieves local, state, and Federal recognition for their work in educating the Latino community.

Fernando has taken a leadership role in helping other Hispanics gain access to political power by helping younger Hispanic professionals run for political office and advance in the legal community be supporting Hispanic candidates for judgeships and other prominent positions. Fernando was the 2013 Republican nominee for the State Senate in the 37th District in what became a closely watched and highly competitive race gaining national attention within the Republican Party.

The Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey (LLANJ) recognized Fernando in 2015 as one of the most influential Latinos in New Jersey.  The highly acclaimed political news outlet PolitickerNJ also recognized Fernando as one of New Jersey’s most influential Latinos in 2015.  Fernando Alonso was also recognized for his legal and educational work in the Hispanic community by Congressional resolution in the congressional chambers of the Republic of Colombia in 2011. Today, Fernando is an Assistant Professor/ Director at FDU, owner of the Law Offices of Fernando A. Alonso, LLC. and consultant to various organizations in the northeast.



1986 to present: Attorney At Law

Represent clients in civil and criminal matters covering immigration, local, state, and federal criminal cases, civil litigation, and employment related actions including harassment, retaliation, and discrimination.  Also represented U.S. and foreign small businesses and high net worth individuals on finance, legal, real estate, and business transactions.  Have extensive public speaking experience on law at public events.

2003 to present: Director/Assistant Professor of Business and Law

Started as an Adjunct Professor in 2003 teaching Business, Law, and History to undergraduate students at Fairleigh Dickinson University. In 2006, became a Senior Lecturer and Director of two programs developed to educate Hispanic immigrants seeking college degrees.  Also developed a Masters Program for Diplomats at Consulates in New York.  Taught Employment, Advanced Employment Law, Management and Labor, Immigration Law, and Human Resources courses at the Masters level. Have extensive public speaking experience on law, business, and education at public events.


Dickinson School of Law at Penn State. J.D. (1983) Carlisle, PA.

The College of the Holy Cross. B.A. (1980) Worcester, MA.


New York Bar (1986)

New Jersey Bar (2005)

United States Supreme Court (2013)

Southern District of New York

Eastern District of New York

American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)


Other Recognitions:

New Jersey’s Top 51 Latino Leaders in 2015. PolitickeNJ.

New Jersey’s Top 50 Latino Leaders in 2015. Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey. LLANJ.

State Senate Republican Nominee 2013.

Governor Christine Todd Whitman Transition Team (1993) Banking and Insurance.